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Baita Bai de Dones - mt.1889

  • The Refuge

    Bai de Dones Chalet is located on the way to Passo Falzarego, next to the start of 5 Torri chairlift. The kitchen offers local traditional dishes, the ideal to face the near ski slopes of the Lagazuoi 5 Torri Ski area. Bai de Dones Chalet is the starting and ending point for many track roads, including the visit to the open air Great War museum or the near Bai de Dones Lake, that gives the name to the hut. According to a legend , the enchanting lake is inhabited by the Anguànes, creatures with goats’feet and servant of God Silvano. You can see the picture of an Anguàna welcoming visitors at the entrance of the hut.

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    Loc. Bai de Dones m. 1.889
    Cortina d’Ampezzo
    Tel. +39 0436 860688
    P.Iva 00796690253

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The name of the refuge, Bai de Dones, literally “bath of women” comes from the name of the romantic lake, just few footsteps from the hut. According to ancient legends the lake was inhabited by Anguanes. The anguanes, in the local language “ ra anguanes” ,are beautiful girls present in celtic legends. Their beauty is disfigured by the goats’feet . It is told that you can meet them near lakes, sources or creeks. After a storm, when the creeks are full of water, children are told that water is so turbid because anganas are doing laundry. There are good anguanes helping farmers with their work in fields or women to improve their beauty, but there are also bad ones as witches. It is told that the Bai de Dones lake is inhabited by good Anguanes, so it is recommended to women with difficulties in becoming pregnant, to have a bath in that water reflecting dolomitic peaks and after nine months  they will have the joy to be happy mother. In the Bai de Dones Chalet you can find a well equipped bookshop on the numerous tracks to discover, as well as souvenir about the fantastic creatures belonging to local legends.

The Bai de Dones restaurant offers a traditional mountain kitchen. The specialty is game: boar, deer and hare with homemade pasta, (tagliolini…), or with polenta and wild mushrooms. Unmissable the local “ampezzani” dishes such as red beet casunziei or the green one with spinach and ricotta cheese, savoured on the large sun terrace or in the restaurant. Do not miss the home made desserts ad Sacher, Linzer cake the classic apple cake and strudel.